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“We can curse the darkness or we can light a candle. And our world needs more light. Shine. Today.” 
Robin Sharma


The “W.O.W.” (word of the week) = CHANGE! What are you doing TODAY to create CHANGE around you? Start by thinking about the new habits you need to develop to get better results. Before you take on a new habit…first look at & get rid of one of the bad habits from last week that might still be holding you back! Change is inevitable, so CHOOSE CHANGE before it chooses you!


The Dailey WATER Tip: GET the “Water Your Body” App!!!! I LOVE IT! Once downloaded & your body weight entered, you can edit the amount of ounces to reflect what you need to consume on a daily basis. (& yes, you will need to edit this as their formula tells you much less than you need!). Every hour (or less) you will be alerted to DRINK WATER! The alert is the sound of water being poured into a glass! You can enter in the amount of ounces you drink at any time-even when the app has not yet alerted you to do so. Need help downloading or editing the amount of “extra” ounces you need to log in the app to track…just ask! Now you can really know how much water you are consuming daily! Maybe THIS is the habit you need to CHANGE to feel & live your best?!?!


TOMORROW! Free Running Clinic! Pack your lunch & bring it to the studio & LEARN on your lunch break!!! You don’t have to run…just listen! (There will be a demo gait analysis to enhance your experience!) This 30-45 minute clinic will be the perfect time to ask questions & GET ANSWERS to all of your running concerns! Please tell a friend or coworker…and just let me know if you think you can make it!