Get your mindset RIGHT this week!

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If Monday typically hits you like a freight train & all of the sudden your week looks like a marathon instead of a 5k…GET YOUR MIND RIGHT! You won’t likely finish a marathon by sprinting from the start line, nor can you reach your weekly goals if you charge forward without focus & a plan. A TOP 5 list for the week can keep you moving forward at a steady pace. What are your 5 “Must Do” items that will move the needle for you this week? If you find yourself in a less than productive mode simply look at your list & ask “what can I do right now to make progress on this?”.


The Dailey MONDAY MADNESS SURVIVAL Tip: IMPROMPTU LAUGHTER!! When stress gets heavy today at work, at home, etc…STOP immediately and laugh, be silly, crack a joke, act humorous…anything to lighten the moment! Laughter just feels good, and it’s contagious! IMPROMPTU is the “W.O.W.” & your IMPROMPTU moment of laughter just might have a positive impact on someone else’s day too!


DRINK MORE WATER today! I know, you think you drink enough…but if you aren’t taking in about ½ of your body weight in ounces of water every day, you’re likely dehydrated! Add 20 more ounces of water to your day today & see what happens with your energy levels, hunger, performance, & even stress levels!


Your Dailey thought…

“There is little success where there is little laughter.” ~Andrew Carnegie