Getting enough REST?!?!

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Happy FRIDAY!!!

Albeit a soggy one here in Greensboro….but the weekend is almost here!


You are now over a week into 2014. Have you made the changes you promised to yourself on New Year’s Eve? If not, I suggest you take the one biggest thing currently holding you back and turn it upside down today!


The Dailey HEALTH Tip: REST!!! If you’re like me…you are constantly DOING! Whether it’s with or for family, work, community, church…something is ALWAYS pulling you one direction or another. Not to mention you do your best to fit your workouts into the week. No matter how busy you are, you should never be too busy to REST! Make one of your “PROMISES” of change to work in 7 hours of sleep each night. Take one day OFF from exercise each week (not 4!), incorporate at least a couple of restorative flexibility sessions each week. Leave some time over the weekend to dedicate to REST & restoration and let the chores wait! Not only will this help you physically & mentally recover from day to day, not to mention make you MORE productive…but it will also do wonders for your digestive health (& weight loss/maintenance goals!)


TOMORROW (Saturday)!!! Only 2 spots left in the 8:30am Dailey RPM (Spin) class with Cassie!!! We have 9 spots left in the 10am FIT & FLEX class with Me! It’s going to be a WET weekend around here, perfect time to invest in a bit of indoor SWEAT equity! Sign up & keep your PROMISE of CHANGE to yourself this weekend!


Your Dailey Thought…

“The tragedy is not that people don’t succeed because they “LACK” talent. Missing goals are more often a result because instead they chose to “BLOCK” the talent that was already inside of them.” ~Martin Rooney