Got Autoimmune Disease? Skip the gluten!

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Hello work week warriors! It’s almost time to switch gears to WEEKEND WARRIORS!!!

Before you sign off from the week, take a moment to reflect back on your week. The highs, the lows, & everything in between. Rather than focus on all of the things you didn’t finish, may not have done your best at, or even failed at…CELEBRATE your victories! There is no doubt you had some. Be proud of your accomplishments big & small, and strive to try harder next week to get 1% BETTER every day! Small improvements over time add up!


The “W.O.W.” has been DREAM! Even if you didn’t bring YOUR dream to fruition (YET), keep it in the front of your mind. Write it down and post it where you will see it often. Remember, that DREAM is your goal…put a deadline on it! Make it happen!


The Dailey HEALTH Tip: This tip comes from Dr. Jillian Teta & right on time this week as I have been talking to a few folks with autoimmune disease! If you have, or know someone who has this…pass along! “Those with autoimmune disease *should not* be consuming gluten regularly, if at all. It is well established that gluten increases the protein zonulin in the small intestine. Zonulin, in turn, “unbuttons” the lining of the small intestine, potentially triggering leaky gut. Leaky gut creates an abnormal immune response which easily switches into the immune system making antibodies against our own cells – in other words, creating an autoimmune disease. So, to not push this process along, stay away from gluten as best as you can.”


Your Dailey Thought…

“What you think of as an impossible DREAM might be reasonable if you thought differently.” ~Harry Palmer


Have a wonderful & safe weekend!