Got “B.O.”??? Get Apple Cider Vingar!

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Happy HUMP Day!!!

Half way through the week…and hopefully halfway to crushing your TOP 5 list of goals you most want to accomplish this week! If you aren’t close, or haven’t even started on those goals…here is a bit of “food for thought”: Do not confuse Procrastination with a lack of ability. This is simply your lack of USING what ability you have when you should. Instead of GIVING excuses, spend time GETTING started!


The Dailey BODY ODOR Tip: Try APPLE CIDER VINEGAR! Truth: sweat doesn’t smell, but the bacteria left behind does. Body odor is often caused by the bacteria that live in the alkaline (salty) matrix that sweat provides. If you want to neutralize an alkaline solution, you need acid. This simple fact leads to an equally simple way to treat body odor. Instead of spraying on the aluminum compounds contained in commercial deodorants, you can use an acidic apple cider vinegar mixture.  Use a clean cloth soaked with apple cider vinegar and wipe under “clean” armpits-or wherever body odor is present, once a day!


Your Dailey Thought…

“You can never gain momentum if you don’t get moving. If anything is going to stop you, DON’T let it be the start!” ~Martin Rooney