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6 DAYS…until Christmas!

12 days …left in 2013!

How will YOU end this year & what will your mantra be for 2014?!?!?!


We all have challenges. It’s how we tackle the challenges & how we PERCEIVE these challenges that can make us stronger, or break us down. “Problems cannot be solved at the same level of awareness that created them.” Pretty smart guy said that…Einstein. If that is too academic, then remember this: Do what you always did, and get what you always got! I challenge you to try something NEW! CREATE your CHANGE! If your normal holiday spirit is to blow off your health & fitness program & “resolve” to “do better in the New Year…CHANGE IT UP! Stay committed during the holidays & see what is different going into the New Year!


Tomorrow  we’ve got a special “12 Days of Christmas” workout at the studio @ 6am & 9am! (If you’ve done this one before, I can assure you that this one will be a little different!) Sure, it’s easier to sleep in tomorrow or confess how busy you are…but remember, you’ll only get out of the remaining days of this year what you put into them. Take the challenge! (besides, short week next week means you need to workout  more THIS week!!!)


Your Dailey Thought…

“You will never get out from under your problems if you never take on things that are “over your head”! ~Martin Rooney