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“You have two ends. One with which to think and one on which to sit. The end you choose to use the most often will likely determine your destiny…” ~Martin Rooney

It’s TIME to plan for greatness! In order to reach your goals this week…you must choose to work from the right “end” that will allow you to create action! Get your mindset RIGHT! You can’t change what you didn’t do yesterday, but you can chose & control what you do right now! Make a conscious effort to make strong choices so you gain momentum towards your biggest goals!!!


The Dailey NUTRITION Tip: Start slow when making changes to your eating habits. We want PERMANENT changes & no relapses! Add just ONE healthy food this week…and next week add another…and keep that going! For every good habit you adopt…make sure you are purging a bad one! Small steps EVERY day add up!


RSVP for the FREE Myofascial Pain seminar/workshop on 2/28/15 @ 10:30am. (see attached flyer). Whether you have chronic pain or may be working through a recent injury…there will be some great information given to help you understand alternate methods of healing! You can sign up via the Meetup link:, or simply send me a quick email telling me you’re IN!


CREATE a great week!