Happy Tuesday!

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BRRRRRR! Winter is definitely here in Greensboro!

Today…I’m THANKFUL for warm clothes and HEAT!


The countdown is ON! The Thanksgiving holiday is almost here. While some of you may already be burning up the highway heading to see family & friends.., we are still BURNING CALORIES at the studio! Despite the wintery wet weather…ALL CLASSES & 1-1 SESSIONS ARE ON SCHEDULE tonight/tomorrow! If in fact there is a change…being signed up for the classes ahead of time will ensure you get proper notification! So don’t be shy…sign up for tomorrow mornings class(es), and if I can’t make it…you will be notified immediately via email!


The Dailey DIGESTIVE Tip: Minimize and even eliminate gas & bloating by chewing your food well. Slow down while you eat…and actually put your fork down between bites. Take a load off and SIT while you eat! A few simple adjustments to meal time can make the world of a difference in your digestive health!


Your Dailey thought…

Your actions speak so loudly that I can’t hear what you’re saying.” If you say you’re going to make something happen… you lose credibility when you cry wolf, quit or never even start. Whether it’s career, family, fitness or hobbies…be true to your word. Others will gain confidence in you (including yourself!). ~Trina Grey


What are you THANKFUL for today?