How does your LIFE story read?!

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“Live a life worth telling a story about” ~Todd Durkin

WRITE A NEW & BOLD CHAPTER! It’s the first full week of a NEW YEAR filled with endless possibilities. The greatest thing about YOUR life’s story is that YOU get to write it! I have yet to find a best-selling book with only one chapter where all stays the same. Like one’s life, every extraordinary book is made up of many great chapters. Change is constant, in particular if you desire to grow. Eagerly turn the page to focus on making your next chapter great, and enjoy finding out how your story will unfold.


The Dailey SLEEP Tip: AVOID SLEEP BUSTERS! If sleep is your challenge, make sure you set yourself up for success. What & When you eat can make or break a great night of rest! Here are some things to leave off your dinner plate at least 2 hours prior to bed time:

  • Spicy foods, Citrus, Tomato Sauce- these foods –these foods can produce heartburn and other symptoms that disrupt sleep
  • High Protein/High Fat/Fried foods- All hard to digest & inhibit the production of serotonin
  • Mint anything- stimulating & will make you more alert
  • Alcohol – keeps you from the deeper stages of sleep & makes you sweat, disrupts serotonin production


I’ve asked all of my students to get SERIOUS about their 2015 goals. Write them down…and not only that, be sure to attach a “WHY” to each of them. A reminder of why they are so important and WHAT will be better in your life when you reach them! Take your goal setting one step further by writing down WHAT you have to do to ensure you reach these goals…i.e. what you must change or do more of in order to succeed.