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“The first step towards getting somewhere is to decide that you are not going to stay where you are.” ~J. Pierpont Morgan

GREAT words to keep in mind as we set new goals/resolutions for the New Year! There are NO LIMITS to what you can achieve.


The Dailey HEALTH Tip: HYDRATE! Especially during this holiday season! Not only are we consuming more calories in general, but likely more sodium, sugar, and other toxins too! Flush them out of the system by staying adequately hydrated. Good rule of thumb is ½ of your body weight in ounces every day…and even MORE when you indulge in heavy exercise, eating, & drinking! By the time you realize you are thirsty…you are already dehydrated! Stay on top of it by keeping a water bottle accessible at all times, and don’t forget to start & end your day with at least 8 oz!


TOMORROW is Christmas Eve! If you need a last minute calorie crusher, there are 2 functional fitness classes at the studio in the morning! (6m & 9:30am) It might be a perfect way to start your day! You OWE it to yourself to do something just for you tomorrow! DROP IN’S welcome, and family members & friends are encouraged to join you!!! (Just let me know who’s coming so I can plan accordingly!)

Don’t forget, no more classes the rest of the week!


If I don’t see you tomorrow, PLEASE have a wonderful holiday!

CELEBRATE your blessings & remember the reason for the season!