Hydrating foods & the Dailey CHALLENGE!

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Half way through the week already! Time flies when we’re CRUSHING GOALS!

Hope you are making great headway on your TOP 5 list this week. If you are falling behind, or just can’t get your head around what to attack next…let me know! I will give you all the help you need!


The Dailey HYDRATING Tip: EAT HYDRATING FOODS! In addition to consuming ½ of your body weight in ounces of water EVERY day to stay hydrated, there are many foods you can eat that can help you stay on top of hydration! Here are the TOP 10 foods to keep accessible during hot summer days (when we need it most!): Cucumbers-96% water; Watermelon-96% water; Pineapple-95% water; Lettuce-95% water; Celery-95% water; Blueberries-95% water; Tomatoes-94% water; Pears-92% water; Grapefruit-90% water; Melons- 89% water. Avoid GMO by eating ORGANIC varieties of these foods!


The Dailey CHALLENGE: Want to get MORE exercise, but can’t carve out the time in the day? When you are watching your favorite shows on TV at night, use the commercial breaks to get in some reps. On average, each commercial break is about 2-3 minutes. Plenty of time to crank out some push-ups, squats, lunges, crunches, etc. In fact, the commercial time for a one hour show can give you approx. 20 minutes of cumulative exercise time! Pick one or two drills/exercises to focus on during each break. (for example: 10 pushups & 20 crunches; or 10 plyo squats & 10 burpees). The time will add up AND you will get better RESULTS!


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