Kick the sugar & feel better!

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Hey there Monday Maniacs!

If you haven’t done it already, write your TOP 5 list for the week! (Your 5 most important things you must accomplish this week!) Setting a plan for yourself really does work, so if you are serious about your goals this week…take a few moments out of your day to plan for your success! Are you trying to cut out refined sugar this week? Add an extra day of cardio to the program? Do you need to have a “date night” with your spouse or kids? Maybe you need to include 10 minutes of meditation into each day. Whatever is going to move your needle in the right direction this week…Put it on the list!


The Dailey FEEL BETTER Tip: DITCH SUGAR! If you didn’t already have 100+ reasons to cut back on sugar & foods that contain sugar…consider these reasons if you aren’t feeling up to par today:

Sugar causes gas and bloating, and can cause diarrhea.  Sugar can feed the growth of pathogenic bacteria and yeasts, which contribute to a wide variety of GI symptoms. Two thirds or so of the immune system lives in the digestive tract, and high sugar consumption suppresses optimal immune function. High sugar intake prevents healthy differentiation and division of the cells that line the GI tract.  Chronic sugar consumption can worsen or trigger leaky gut. BAM!


CLASS UPDATE! SWIM MEET ALERT for Tues 7/9/13! The 6pm Flex class is still on for tomorrow…and hopefully rain will not interfere! In case of rain & potential kid invasion of our room, there is a chance we will have to pack into the TV room across the hall, so be prepared to be cozy if that’s the case!  The 6am & 7:30am Functional Fitness classes for Tuesday will not be affected! J


Your Dailey Thought…”If you’re tired of starting over, stop giving up.” – Unknown

Man! I love this quote! It’s perfect for a post-holiday Monday too! This time of year, we ALL struggle to stay on track with our health and fitness. Vacations trump or regularly scheduled workouts, we eat & drink way too many “extra” calories, sometimes we just give up. If this sounds familiar…START OVER TODAY…and don’t give up!!! The “W.O.W.” is VISION….let it keep you focused on your end result!