Let it SNOW!!!

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It’s not officially winter until we see some white stuff! Not sure how much we will get, but get your mindset RIGHT! Let go of what you can’t control…and SHIFT your thoughts & actions. With snow comes delays, cancellations, empty shelves at the grocery stores, panic in preparation, and drivers attempting to outsmart the slick spots. Those are the “negatives” or the inconveniences that are bound to occur over the next few days or more. But don’t forget the positives. There is nothing more tranquil, quiet, and beautiful than snow falling. There is nothing more heart WARMING than the excitement & anticipation it brings to children & adults alike…and lets not forget our four legged friends! Embrace the closings & delays ahead as an OPPORTUNITY to connect with your inner child. Allow the snow to make you SLOW DOWN, and take it in.


***If you are a student at Dailey Fitness…check your emails & online schedule BEFORE heading out to your classes tonight/tomorrow! If you are signed up for a class & it is canceled, you will receive an automatic email update. If you haven’t signed up for it yet, you can check online to see if it’s still on or not! No need to risk life and limb to “BATTLE” Battleground! There will be plenty of opportunity to get your workouts in later in the week…and I will certainly consider ADDING more classes if needed once the roads clear.


Live by the mantra “1% Better Everyday.” While it often takes 10,000 hours or 10 years to be recognized as an expert in something, you certainly can focus on daily improvement to enhance the quality of your life.


The Dailey NUTRITION Tip: It’s just as easy to buy the good stuff as it is the bad. Make sure you buy the GOOD! Best bet is to shop the perimeter of the grocery store to avoid the processed/packaged foods! Remember, a little extra effort every day adds up! 1% BETTER TODAY!