Licorice for cold sores?!

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The weekend is almost here! I hope you have had a productive week full of successes! Our “W.O.W.” has been FOCUS! (A hard thing to do during the holidays!) Where is your FOCUS most consistently directed? That is where your life is most certainly headed. Good intentions are nice, and sophisticated methods are impressive. What really counts are the end results. Don’t allow yourself to remain stuck in mediocrity. Don’t fool yourself into thinking you’re doing great when you’re really doing not much at all. Clearly and specifically define the results you seek, measure your progress, and weigh each action, each effort, accordingly. FOCUS on results and you’ll get the very best ones.

The Dailey Tip: GOT COLD or CANKER SORES? TAKE LICORICE ROOT EXTRACT! Used as a healing agent for thousands of years, licorice was once a staple in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Throughout the years, licorice root extract has been used to treat ulcers, sore throats, coughs, arthritis, diabetes and viral infections. The active ingredient of the licorice root is glycyrrhiza extract, or GX, which has anti-inflammatory properties used to calm and soothe the affected area. Licorice root not only provides relief, but it has been clinically proven to speed up healing during a canker sore outbreak.

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Your Dailey thought…“All time management begins with planning.” ~Tom Greening

Stay FOCUSED this weekend on YOUR end result! PLAN for success!