LIVE like a champion!

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Happy Monday!

Your Dailey thought…”I hated every minute of training, but I said, ‘Don’t quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion.'” ~Muhammad Ali

Being a “champion” in your life requires hard work & dedication to your goals. Let’s face it…losing weight, reaching fitness goals, & setting new personal records is HARD WORK! If you don’t take RESPONSIBILITY ( the “W.O.W.”) & own up to the things you are doing that are holding you back from achieving your personal best…then you will remain in the vicious cycle. Break the cycle & dare to go out on a limb to try something different.

The Dailey HEALTH Tip: Be careful what you put through your pipes! Want to know why I post so many tips/suggestions dealing with the gastrointestinal health? Because it is the “central station” of the body & it communicates with every cell & system within the body.  The GI system is literally THE key to whether or not you will reach your health & fitness goals with lasting results. Period. This is where everything you feed your body is broken down, absorbed and assimilated and ultimately where waste and toxins are eliminated. When GI health is compromised, so is the quality of your overall health. There is truth to the old phrase “you are what you eat”. Stay tuned this week for more tips to clean up your GI health & how it relates to food sensitivities, thyroid functioning, autoimmune diseases, & more!