Make your own Coconut/Almond milk!

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The Dailey NUTRITION Tip: MAKE YOUR OWN MILK! (Dairy alternative milk that is!) Lots of hype about thickeners, stabilizers, and additives found in nut milks that have you uneasy? Making your own can be a super healthy way to avoid the intolerances that these additives can provide. Check out this recipe (found on Fix Your Digestion’s Facebook page) and give it a try!

2c coconut flakes, unsweetened
1/2 c raw cashews
4 1/2 c fresh, filtered warm water
1 tsp vanilla
Optional sweeteners: (1 date, I tsp truvia, 20 drops stevia, etc)
You will be best served by a high-powered blender like a Vitamix. Blend all of the ingredients into a uniform liquid, about 1-2 minutes. In the meantime, get a large bowl. Place a colander in it and drape some cheesecloth over the colander (you could use a thin dishtowel in a pinch, I bet. Or a very fine strainer). Pour the nut milk blend over the cheesecloth carefully. Gather it up and squeeze the pulp, extracting as much liquid as you can. Compost this pulp. Lift out the colander and using a funnel – or just being careful – pour the milk into some mason jars. The milk may separate overnight, just shake it up!
**You can use this recipe for any other nuts, BUT, almonds, hazelnuts, hemp seeds, etc all need to be soaked for 3 hours before proceeding, because these nuts are harder than cashews/coconuts.