May 1 !!!!

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It’s the 1st day of May!
I LOVE this time of year! As soon as we hit May, I know the summer is just around the corner! That means vacations, beach time, pool time, summer sports, and more. Plan ahead! What are your goals for yourself this summer in regards to health & fitness? Are you ready for tank tops & bathing suits? Are you physically ready for your summer activities such as water sports, races, gardening, weddings, etc? If you know you have some work to do…get after it! Make this your BEST summer ever both mentally & physically by raising the bar this month and committing to a new level with your goals. ONE MONTH…is plenty of time to completely change your game! 

The Dailey NUTRITION Tip: SOAK YOUR FLAXSEEDS! Did you know that flax seeds add important fiber to help to rid the colon of the waste build up that can be in the excess of 15 pounds?! Keeping your colon clean and healthy can help reduce your chances of getting various cancers, improve digestion & overall GI health, boost your immune system, help with hot flashes, and more! Even more, It is not necessary to soak flaxseeds either whole or ground before you use them, but soaking does have benefits. Soaking the seeds or meal softens them and creates a gelatinous substance that can be used for thickening drinks or recipes. If you prefer to have a softer seed or less grainy meal, soak the flaxseeds for 10 minutes to 1 hour, depending upon whether they are ground or whole, before using them. 

CLASS UPDATE & CHALLENGE: ATTENDANCE CHALLENGE for the month of May- I challenge everyone who attends the Functional Fitness & Flex classes to show up to ALL of your classes…ON TIME! May 1-31, I will be tracking attendance with a fine tooth comb. Anyone who attends every class in their series AND shows up ON TIME will be entered into a drawing. The first week of June I will announce the winners! Each class time (6am, 9:30am, & 6pm groups) will have 1 lucky winner who will receive grand prize of Therapeutic Massage with Joey Wall! She is fabulous, and specializes in deep tissue/hot stone work! A special treat for sure…and it’s FREE, just for showing up to your classes on time! What a DEAL! 

Attendance challenge starts TODAY! 6pm’ers…don’t be late!
FUEL UP today!


p.s. your Dailey thought…
Life’s challenges are not supposed to paralyze you, they’re supposed to help you discover who you are.” ~Bernice Johnson Reagon