Meet our “Warriors Of The Month”!

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Meet our “Warriors Of The Month”, Tim & Karen Parrish!

One of our mantras at TFW Greensboro: “The couple that TRAINS together…STAYS together”! Tim & Karen are PROOF of this. Karen began her journey with Coach Nicole in 2009, long before we introduced TFW. Since then not only has she transformed, but her husband Tim has been training right along side of her for more than 5 years now. Together, they have never been more healthy, strong, and bonded as a couple! The dojo lights up when these two enter. Not only do they push each other & keep each other accountable, but they INSPIRE everyone around them to keep going! Every couple faces obstacles…they just don’t always face them together. Karen and Tim…keep leading from the front that TOGETHER we are stronger than when we are alone!