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Holy RAIN! I’m turning into a prune over here! When can we go back out to play???
If you need an outlet from monotony tonight…come check out the 6pm Functional Fitness workout tonight @ Sherwood! I’ve got some fun toys out that will make you FORGET about the rain! 🙂
BEAR WITH ME! I am in the process of converting to a new laptop AND attempting to cut the umbilical cord from MS Outlook & switch to the cloud based Google Apps for my email/contact list/calendar/etc. If you know me, you KNOW I suck at technology…and I am overwhelmed with the transfer. There is a good chance that a few emails could get lost in the process, or that I may have some time that I am unable to reach out to my Dailey Mailer’s. If you feel you aren’t hearing from me promptly enough, please CALL ME or TEXT ME! Hoping to have this all up to date and resolved before the weekend!
The Dailey HEALTH Tip: EAT MINT! Did you know that fresh mint has some great health benefits (far beyond being a fun ingredient in a mojito!)?? Mint soothes the digestive tract, eliminates toxins from the body, reduces growth of bacteria and fungus, helps in curing asthma, whitens teeth and combats bad breath, cures insect bites & stings, prevents skin/lung/&colon cancer, relieves aches & pains, and is a blood cleanser! Mint is super easy to grow & best kept in containers to keep it from spreading like wildfire in your flower garden. Grow your own to put in teas & add to fresh dishes!
Attached is the NEW class schedule that you can print or save to your computer! JUST ADDED: 7:30am functional fitness class tomorrow will replace the 9:30am! Hope to rally a few new troops to this time slot! (Let me know if you can’t open it!) Don’t forget to go to my website to access the class schedule there AND sign up online!!!
SPLISH Splash!!!


p.s. your Dailey thought…
“You can’t choose your potential but you can choose to fulfill it.” – Theodore Roosevelt