Monday Dailey Mail 4/22/13

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Welcome to the new week! Are you CREATING a week filled with IMPACT, or are you reacting to the course of the day in hopes that the IMPACT will magically happen? 

The “W.O.W.” is IMPACT! Defined, it is “The power of making a strong, immediate impression -to have an effect”. Think about that for a minute, and consider your daily activities. Imagine if you did one thing just 1% BETTER today than yesterday, last week, or last month-how would that IMPACT your end results? Nutrition, exercise, communication, your rest, your work, your play…ALL have a profound & direct relationship to your results. What you put in is typically exactly what you get back. A little bit of that “AND THEN SOME” attitude now, will create bigger IMPACT later. This week, don’t wait for your IMPACT to magically appear…CREATE IT! 

The Dailey NUTRITION Tip: SKIP THE FROZEN LUNCHES! If Lean Cuisines and Healthy Choice meals are your go-to choice for a “healthy” lunch instead of eating out…think again! These are typically loaded with sodium. And while they may be be low in calories, they’re also low in nutrients (for example, refined grains may be used instead of whole grains). These frozen meals are a great example of quick convenient food that provides no bang for your nutritional buck. Plan ahead each week and make your own “healthy choice” meal with fresh ingredients that YOU prepare & know what you are getting! Make sure to include lots of fruits & veggies too! 

CLASS UPDATE: CREATE IMPACT THIS WEEK!!! Excuses won’t produce results, but ACTION will! If you have fallen behind on your classes, if you have been babysitting the same old goals, if you want to see bigger results…NOW is the time to CREATE IMPACT & let nothing stand in your way. Commit to it, make no excuses, and take action! Who’s in?! 

Yeah baby!! CREATE an EXTRAORDINARY week!


p.s. your Dailey thought…
“You can’t choose your potential, but you can choose to fulfill it.” ~Theodore Roosevelt