NEVER give up!

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“Persistence can change failure into extraordinary achievement.” –Marv Levy



Hope you are surviving the wintery week…and staying persistent with your thoughts & actions so you will reach your goals DESPITE the obstacles! It’s a fact, things that you cannot control will always happen. However…how you react to those things will either push you closer to success, or move you further away. The ONLY thing holding you back from success is yourself!


The Dailey CALORIE BURNING Tip: DID YOU KNOW….that drinking a glass of ice water can burn 25 calories?! Drinking a glass before bed can reduce heart attack risk too! The benefits of water just keep coming!!! Drink an extra glass today!



The group training schedule is business as usual for the rest of the week-despite the frigid temps! There are 6am classes Thur & Fri. No one should risk life and limb to make it to their workouts if you are not comfortable driving…but do know that the 4 person minimum still applies to keep these classes on schedule this week. Out of respect to the folks that are signed up for 6am already, the deadline to RSVP for the 6am classes is 9:30pm tonight & Thurs night. In the event of a class cancellation, you will receive an automatic email notification if you are already signed up. It may be cold outside…but we will certainly HEAT things up at the studio!


Make something GREAT happen today!