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“Limits, like fears, are often just an illusion.”

Happy FRIDAY!!!

What a week! Mine was filled with it’s share of challenges & failures…but I am STRONGER from it! Hope your INVESTMENT in yourself this week can make you say the same thing! CELEBRATE your victories (big & small) from this week. Set some new goals for next week…and never stop INVESTING in yourself. Never let fear of failure keep you from moving forward, & getting BETTER!


Studio Update:

To ensure you can PLAN ahead and get signed up for next week’s classes, here’s what’s happening each day:

Monday-Total Body Strength


Wednesday-Speed Strength

Thursday-Balanced Body in Motion-THE PATCH!!!

Friday-Total Body Strength

Saturday-Metabolic Circuit

*Tue/Thur 6pm is always Flex

**Must have 4 signed up to secure the class!


WEEKEND CHALLENGE: QUIT SOMETHING!!!​ We ALL have at least one unhealthy habit holding us back from reaching our full potential. What’s yours? Make a pact THIS WEEKEND to eliminate this habit in the upcoming week! See what happens? What do you have to lose?

Have a GREAT one!