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Happy SUNNY Sunday!
It sure is good to see the sunshine again! Hope you are taking full advantage of the summer day & getting outside to PLAY!
It’s that time again! A NEW week is kicking off tomorrow, and that means a NEW opportunity to CREATE GREATNESS! Set that TOP 5 list for the week. PLAN for success! WHAT are you most wanting to achieve this week, and HOW are you going to do it?
The NEW Dailey Fitness website is up! I’m still working out some glitches, but you can check it out:  There is a great new feature that I am implementing, “ONLINE CLASS SIGN UP”! I am encouraging my class members to go to my website NOW to access “SCHEDULES”, and create a login account on Mindbody. From there, you are able to see the class schedule AND click on your class(es) of choice to go ahead and sign up for the ones you plan to attend. You can do this daily, weekly, or even monthly! It’s a great way to PLAN your workouts, especially around vacations…and it helps me know how many are attending from one class to the next. If you have any questions, let me know!
If you are a Sherwood member…come check out the Dailey Fitness “FITNESS CHALLENGE” today from 4-6pm! Sherwood is hosting the annual New Member party, and I will be upstairs showing the new folks about the FUN we create with the Functional Fitness workouts with a drop-in fitness challenge. We’ll have some fun toys out and see if the newcomers can complete multiple challenges set up around the room for a chance to win some FREE classes! It sure would be cool to have some of my veterans in there showing them how it’s done! Stop by to at least say “Hi” if you are in the neighborhood!
“We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give” –Winston Churchill
GIVE your BEST this week! For when we give our best at anything, we can rest with no regrets. Your BEST…IS ENOUGH!