No time to cook? Check out The Fit Station!

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Tipsy Thursday!


The Dailey “MEALS TO GO” Tip: http: THE FIT STATION!!!  Many folks have been asking me about where they can find HEALTHY meals already prepared in this area. The Fit Station is the BEST one I have seen so far as far as ingredients & nutrition quality go. There is currently a store open on Wendover Ave., however there are 2 more in the works! One in Alamance Co. and one just down the road from the studio on New Garden Rd. Based on the information on the menu AND looking at the ingredient lists…I will say that it meets approval & have something for special dietary needs! They serve breakfast, lunch & dinner meals…and you simply go into the store and grab right out of the coolers. (No pre-orders!) You can buy for one meal, or for the entire week (if they have in stock). You can also freeze the meals for future needs.


How is the “W.O.W.” – EXTRAORDINARY working into your week? Are you successfully putting the “EXTRA” into your “ORDINARY” to reach new heights this week? TODAY is the day! Move your needle!

“You undervalue what you have right now when you spend energy overvaluing the things you wish you had in the future.”

Let this thought resonate in your mind & put value into the ACTIONS you create today!


GRAND OPENING next Sat., Oct 12 from 10am-2pm! Please tell your friends, family, coworkers to come! Help me pack the house next Sat! Plan to be here if you can! Lots of giveaways, food & FUN for the whole family! No gimmicks or sales pressure…I’m just so EXCITED to bring my dream to reality & I want to SHARE it with everyone! I really want/need volunteers to be here to share YOUR experience & journey @ Dailey Fitness with new folks that come through the door!