PLAN for success!

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“You can’t be a winner and be afraid to lose.” ~Charles Lynch


Happy Sunday Weekend WARRIORS!

I hope you are already planning your WINNING week ahead! Put forth Olympic Effort in whatever you pursue this week so you can bring home the GOLD in what you have chosen for yourself in life. Make sure the “little voice” inside your head is pumping you up with POSITIVE words. Positive thinking leads to positive action…and my friends, positive ACTION leads to RESULTS!


The Dailey NUTRITION Tip: EAT A COLORFUL PLATE! The more naturally colorful your meal is, the more likely it is to have an abundance of cancer-fighting nutrients. Pigments that give fruit & vegetables their bright colors represent a variety of protective compounds.


In the studio this week: Group Training Schedule!

Monday- Metabolic Circuit

Tuesday- Total Body Strength

Wednesday- Balanced Body in Motion

Thursday- Hurricanes

Friday- Total Body Strength

Saturday- HIIT  @ 9:30am!

*SIGN UP online! Need 4 rsvp’s to secure any class!

**Tue/Thur 6pm always Functional Flex

***Olympic Effort means PLANNING AHEAD! Schedule your workouts for the week now!