Pomegranite Preparation Tip!

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Thoughtful Thursday…

“The greatness is inside of you. You have only two things to do. RECOGNIZE and then USE it…”

Be EMPOWERED to look within yourself today to recognize the greatness you possess…and USE IT to do something that will push your boundaries!


The Dailey POMEGRANITE PREPARATION Tip: If you’re like me, I tend to avoid certain fruits/veggies simply because I have NO IDEA of a good way to serve ‘em up! Found this tip to break into the pomegranate & feel INSPIRED to take on the challenge: “Cut off the crown of the pomegranate. Then, slice the rind in several places. Then soak it upside down (crown side down) in a bowl of water. Then, break it apart (along the lines where you cut the rind). Remove the rind and the white lining that holds the seeds together. Then, remove the pomegranate arils (seeds) from the bowl. You can do it by straining it through a strainer or colander, or take a big spoon and scoop them out.” Good luck!


Tomorrow is FRIDAY! At Dailey Fitness, that means FUN Friday workouts, & lots of last minute prep work for the big GRAND OPENING event!!! Big thanks to everyone who has volunteered to be a part of the day! If you are coming on Sat. BE SURE to wear your Dailey Fitness shirts! (new & old!) If you don’t have one…see me! I have lots of them! J


Have an EMPOWERING rest of your day!