Small WINS today add up to BIG wins later!

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“5 little wins each day =

150 WINS each month  =

1850 WINS each year”!

~Robin Sharma

Cross 5 small wins off today and start again tomorrow! Small accomplishments add up BIG!


The Dailey HEALTH/NUTRITION Tip: Cut the sugar….seriously! Your life depends on it! Here’s a SIMPLE breakdown so you understand the consequences of consuming it:


CPR/First Aid certification class: Cardio Savers will be in house helping us SAVE LIVES 2 dates in March. (3/14 & 3/28) 10:30am…and you will likely be done by 12/12:30. Everyone should know CPR, you just never know when you will need to use it! Sign up online at Cost is listed online and acceptable payment forms: cash/credit/debit. This class is open to EVERYONE!


WIN BIG this week!