SO many uses for Olive Oil!

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Tropical Depression Thursday!
Put on your rain suits & goulashes folks…this rain is not going ANYWHERE soon! It’s days like this you have to bring your own SUNSHINE!
The Dailey Health Tip: DID YOU KNOW that there are MULTIPLE uses for olive oil? From aiding with digestion/weight loss, conditioning leather, use as furniture polish, helping various skin conditions, lowers cholesterol, preventing hairballs in cats, salad dressing, shaving cream, to sunburn relief, AND MORE! Make sure you use the ‘cooking’ olive oil for the household uses and not the nicer drizzling oil. The lighter the Oil, the higher the smoking point. A deep green oil is perfect for raw situations like salads and veggies or poured over freshly made green soup with a dash of cayenne!
FUNCTIONAL FLEX TONIGHT @ 6pm! Whether you are a class regular, or maybe you’ve NEVER tried a Dailey Fitness class YET… a rainy day is the PERFECT kind of weather to slow it down & bring balance to your health & wellness program! In fact if you are one who has NOT ever been to Flex, I want to give you a gift…come tonight absolutely FREE! You’ve got nothing to lose, and I bet you even sleep better tonight too!
Tomorrow is FUN Friday! The weekend is almost HERE!


p.s. your Dailey thought…
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