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Ok, so maybe they are a bit of a shock to the system each week…but they are exactly what you CHOOSE for them to be! Mondays can suck the life out of you, or they be the starting point of an amazing week. Remember your “W.O.W.” and let Mondays EMPOWER you to do start the week with a positive attitude to perform at your highest level possible this week.


The Dailey Tip: BEWARE of “CELLULOSE” in your foods! Cellulose can be called by these different names on the ingredients label: Carboxymethyl cellulose, Microcrystalline Cellulose, or MCC, and Cellulose Gum. Cellulose is also known as….WOOD PULP, or wood by-product! Although it can be found in vegetables, most food manufacturers use the wood pulp based cellulose because it’s a cheap way to bulk up foods with fake fiber. The kicker is that this “added fiber” is not digestible, & has no caloric value. Cellulose can absorb water and is used as an “anti-caking” agent in shredded and grated cheeses, spice mixes, and powdered drink mixes. This sneaky little ingredient gives you absolutely no nutritional/health value…passes completely through your body…and lines the food industry’s pockets. Yet another reason to eat REAL food from the earth!


GRAND OPENING EVENT for the New Studio is THIS Saturday!!! 10am-2pm! I am SO EXCITED! I want EVERYONE to make an appearance! Bring your friends, coworkers, strangers off the street! There will be INSANE giveaways! Can I just tell you that every single person that walks through the door will receive a voucher to cash in for a 50 min sports massage for $20!? ($80 value) And that ain’t all we’re giving away! Here are a few of our featured guests that will be here promoting & educating us on health & wellness:

  • Joel Tull Sports Massage
  • Joey Wall Therapeutic Massage
  • ReCycles “mobile” bike shop
  • Skin Like Rissa’s
  • Earthfare
  • Dailey Fitness has a fun challenge for everyone to win FREE classes too!!!

CREATE a great week!