Super Bowl Sunday!

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Hope you are having a SUPER day!

The football game of the year is only a few hours away. Have you ever wondered how many calories the average person will consume today? I have, so I searched it out….and found that it’s an astonishing 4,000 calories!!! WOW!!! Want to know how long it will take to burn that off? At LEAST 8 hours of calorie crushing Dailey Fitness Functional Fitness classes! And that’s just to burn off the excess you consume today…not to mention your daily exercise requirement for your weight loss & weight maintaining goals.

If you aren’t able to make good choices with nutrition today…come sweat it off with me tomorrow!! 2 Functional Fitness classes on Monday: 6am & 6pm!

Start the week STRONG with a 6am workout! Yes folks, I will BE THERE @ 6am! I’m counting on my regulars not to leave me hanging in the am!

Who’s coming????

This week’s “W.O.W.” is FIRST-CLASS!! This word signifies the BEST of anything…and it comes with a price. FIRST-CLASS is granted to those who work hard & “invest” time, effort, & often money. This week, put your FIRST-CLASS effort into everything you do! Take a look at your goals in any aspect of your life, & strategize your plan to attack them. Fuel your body with FIRST-CLASS nutrition for optimal health & performance. Energize with FIRST-CLASS workouts to maximize your efforts. Surround yourself with FIRST-CLASS coworkers, colleagues, mentors, & friends to keep you focused on being & living your BEST!

What can you do this week to make your life FIRST-CLASS?! Go for it!!



p.s. your Dailey thought…

“Team means Together Everyone Achieves More!” ~Author Unknown