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“You become great by thinking great thoughts and by backing those thoughts with words, energy, emotions, and actions. Encourage yourself to leave behind negative and uphold positive, uplifting ideas with your speech. This is how your dreams will be able to manifest from the inside out.” ~Carol Tuttle

Great words to remember as you set another foot forward TOWARDS your goals and dreams today! Let no obstacle defeat you and use the power of a positive mindset to give you momentum! Surrounding yourself with other positive & like-minded people is one of the best ways to achieve your biggest goals! ACTIONS create RESULTS…so if you find yourself in a slump, skip the excuses & take IMMEDIATE ACTION to find a new path!


The Dailey RECIPE: Tropical Sun Sorbet! Trick your tastebuds into thinking you are eating a sinful delight! The picture alone is a temptation! Check out this link for a great dessert idea for a hot end of summer/early fall treat! http://www.rawfoodrecipes.com/recipes/tropical-sun-sorbet.html


At the studio:***New Saturday Class time starting NEXT Sat, 9/13!By popular request & on a TRIAL basis-we are going to move the time up to 8:30am to allow busy parents the chance to get their sweat on before kid’s sports begin! Depending on how popular the new time slot really is, we just may keep it on the schedule!




Happy HUMP Day!