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“Although it may be easy to see your actions have consequences, don’t forget that your inactions may have even more.”

~Martin Rooney

Suffer no negative consequences in the week ahead! PLAN for success, and then TAKE ACTION for it!


One full week of 2015 down…51 more to go! If you haven’t set your goals for the year…it’s GO TIME! Use the attached sheet to help you plant your attack!

***If you share them with me, I will give you even MORE accountability to ensure you succeed!


The Dailey NUTRITION Tip: PLAN your meals & have them sent to your doorstep!  https://www.hellofresh.com/

One of our students shared this site with me & says it’s GREAT! If you find planning meals, shopping for the right ingredients, and having the time to prepare them a HUGE challenge…this site is for YOU! Hello Fresh allows you to plan meals for whatever number in your household and it’s shipped right to your doorstep-with EVERYTHING you need for each meal. Super easy, convenient, and allows you the opportunity to try new things & cook new dishes!


Physical Therapy/Trigger Point Dry Needling workshop is this Tues, 1/13/15 @ 12:15pm! If you plan to attend this FREE clinic, please RSVP by Monday (tomorrow) 12pm.  ***Anyone that has ongoing &/or chronic pain (anywhere on their body!) should definitely attend!  Dr. Banker will deliver insight & understanding to alternative approaches to manage your pain! This workshop is open to everyone! Please RSVP!


CREATE the best week ever!