“TAKE ON” instead of “taking off” this weekend!

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“Your success will not be measured by how many days you get to “take off”, but instead by how many you “TAKE ON”!

~Martin Rooney


Although it is the end of the week, this is your little reminder not to “take off” too early today. Remember that guy or girl that always took the day off? Yeah, I don’t remember them either…


The word of the week “W.O.W.” is EXTRAORDINARY! Go above and beyond the ordinary this weekend to find your victory! Coach Katie tells me she has an EXTRAORDINARY metabolic workout lined up for us tomorrow morning. I am so ready to get my sweat ON! I love to coach my students to be their best…but I am needing a good dose of it myself! Who’s ready to TAKE ON a challenge WITH me at 8:30 am!? (Sign up & reserve your spot!)


Whatever you do this weekend, be sure to do at least one thing that lights up your soul & renews your spirit!