Take the Full Body CORE CHALLENGE!

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Happy Monday!


The “W.O.W.” is ENTHUSIASM! Nothing great was ever accomplished without ENTHUSIASM” says Ralph Waldo Emerson. It doesn’t always come easy, but remember that it’s a CHOICE! ENTHUSIASM is the cornerstone of success. Ask anyone who has reached a goal big or small, personal or professional, and tell me ENTHUSIASM didn’t play a major role. Folks, look at your TOP 5 list for the week & seriously attack it with ENTHUSIASM. Visualize how awesome the victory is going to feel when you cross all 5 things off that list.


The Dailey CHALLENGE: Take the FULL BODY CORE CHALLENGE! Not able to grab a workout with a class or at the gym today? No worries! Here’s a quick circuit sure to get your heart pumping & rev your engines:

  • Walkout Pushup Progression – From hang position, walk to pushup position & complete 5 push-ups. Walk hands back to hang position-repeat & complete 4 push-ups. Don’t stop until you get down to 1 pushup.
  • Plyo-Squat- Full body, “jump” squat. 10+ reps. Add rotation for bigger challenge. Be sure to land soft on feet, no pounding!
  • Rocking Chair-Sitting on floor, tuck body into crouched position with arms outside of upper thigh. Keep back rounded and roll back  & forth so that every vertebrae touches the floor-without using arms/legs to propel the movement. Add rotation for more challenge. 15-20+ reps

Repeat this short circuit as many times as you choose after a proper warm-up! Don’t forget to stretch when you’re done!


Tomorrow-6am & 6pm classes! Check the schedule for the week on the website: www.daileyfitness.com


Your Dailey thought…

“For every sale you miss because you are too ENTHUSIASTIC, you will miss a hundred more because you’re not ENTHUSIASTIC enough.” ~Zig Ziglar