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Happy FRIDAY!!!

“Want to be REMEMBERED tomorrow? Then don’t forget to DO SOMETHING GREAT today!”


I hope this week has been productive, and you were successful with the “W.O.W.” FIND A WAY-with an important goal. You still have the weekend ahead to make it happen, so never give up!


November is almost here, & I have been working adding some NEW things to the calendar at the studio! In addition to the current schedule, we will be bringing some Saturday classes back AND maybe adding a few other time slots to the week. If you might be open to a 7:30am or 9:30am class…let me know! I’d like to add one or BOTH to the schedule ASAP if we have some takers for the time slot. We’ll also be adding WORKSHOPS! I am nailing down the dates with Omega Sports, Earthfare, & Joel Tull-The Human Touch Massage, for educational workshops throughout the month. These workshops will be FREE for Dailey Fitness members!!! Keep your eye on the online schedule & listen out for announcements so you can plan to attend!


The Dailey Health Tip: HONEY!!!! Did you know honey…:

  • Is the only food that is produced by an insect and consumed by humans
  • Needs no processing or refining and is eaten just the way nature provides it
  • Includes all the substances necessary to sustain life including enzymes, vitamins, & minerals

Google search how you can use honey as a sugar substitute for daily consumption with your favorite foods. Ditch the chemical packets & go NATURAL!


Have a safe & FUN weekend!