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“Don’t be fooled by the calendar. There are only as many days in the year as you make use of. “ ~Charles Richards

Make sure you are honoring your most precious commodity & gift—TIME! Spend it wisely TODAY as you cannot get it back!


One of the BEST things about running the TFW program out of Dailey Fitness is that we are a part of something bigger! Amazing things are happening right here in Greensboro, but the impact of our training expands across the globe. I want to share how this training program can impact people of all ages, and all physical capacities. Check out this blog post from the founder of TFW-Martin Rooney…and the amazing story of Brannen. Be sure to watch the short video link at the bottom of the post to see this kid in ACTION! Whether you train with us or not, if this doesn’t inspire YOU to push yourself & to keep expanding your boundaries…nothing will:


The Dailey BREAKFAST Tip: OVERNIGHT OATMEAL! For those of you who might be pressed for time in the am, or aren’t so creative with breakfast in general…here is a great option! This link will give you at least 6 recipe links for VARIETY, and an easy step by step on how to make. Set yourself up for SUCCESS and start your days STRONG with good fuel to keep your machine performing it’s best!


FREE RUNNING CLINIC at the Dailey Fitness Studio NEXT Sat., 1/24/15! This is a lecture format-no running necessary. See attached flyer for more details. If you participate in the Dailey Fitness programming, you don’t want to miss this! This clinic is open to everyone, & FREE…so bring a friend too! Please RSVP so I can get an idea of how many will be attending!


Have a phenomenal weekend!