TGIF…the 13th!!

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Happy FRIDAY the 13th!!!! (eeek!)

Not sure how yours is panning out…but it’s almost the WEEKEND!!! Take a moment before you leave the work week behind to assess your TOP 5 list! How’d you do? Did you cross off all 5? If not, can you look at the remaining unchecked goals and identify WHY you didn’t succeed? Find the weak link in your week and resolve to CRUSH it next week!


Who’s up for SATURDAY FUNCTIONAL FITNESS?!?! In case you haven’t been to class this week or checked online, we’ve got 10am reserved for the most COMMITTED Dailey Fitness members! So far, only ONE has COMMITTED by signing up online, and several others are still “considering” it. JUMP OFF THE FENCE! Why are you even considering NOT coming?! You know you want it, you KNOW you NEED it…so make it happen! Better let me know you’re coming so you don’t get left behind in case we leave the “campus”!


The Dailey HEALTH Tip: Do fruits & veggies tend to irritate your GI system? Did you know that you can make fruit more digestible and easier on the system by cooking it?
1. Bake apples, pears and peaches
2. Grill peaches
3. Berries, figs and cherries make wonderful compotes
4. Pears are wonderful poached
You can complement these fruits with gut-healthy spices like cinnamon, cardamom and nutmeg. These options allow you to bring more variability in your daily diet if you are on multiple food restrictions

Your Dailey thought…”Your time is the most important currency you will ever possess. Where it is spent will determine your success. Spend wisely!” ~Martin Rooney