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The weekend is ALMOST HERE!

Happy Thursday!

I want to keep you MOTIVATED to reaching your full potential this week! It’s not over! The “W.O.W.” is BELIEVE…and it’s the root of your success! Ditch the limiting BELIEF system, and focus on what you CAN do! Most people spend a lot of time formulating the excuses behind the things they don’t have & what they can’t do. Maybe instead of thinking up all the reasons you can’t have something or can’t reach those goals, you should spend some time coming up with some ways that you can. This goes for health, fitness, career, relationships, social life, etc.


Class members….Do you have the “Mindbody Connect” App yet? GET IT! It’s FREE and you can get it on both iPhone & Droid phones in your app store. This app allows you to get to the Dailey Fitness Mindbody site directly and you don’t have to access my website or go through multiple steps to get there. Not only can you check the schedule to see class/workshop availabilities, but you can sign up for a class AND SIGN IN once you get to the studio! (of course you can also cancel yourself from a class there too) Super easy! If you have questions…bring your phone to the next class & I will help you!


The Dailey HEALTHY EATING Tip: The true key to eating healthy?!?! AVOID ANY FOOD THAT HAS A TV COMMERCIAL! Pure, REAL food is not advertised, but it should be!


Your Dailey thought…

“Success means having the courage, the determination, and the will to become the person you BELIEVE you were meant to be.” ~George Sheehan