The FUTURE of Dailey Fitness revealed!!!

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“Dream big, expect the best, and then put forth your highest efforts in the service of those dreams and expectations. Act as if life’s greatest magnificence is yours to live, for it is, the moment you choose it.” ~Ralph Marston


I am SO EXCITED about the future of Dailey Fitness! I’ve been dreaming BIG, and most definitely putting my highest efforts forward for quite some time now to be able to tell you that we have ONE more move in our future. But this move is going to be the LAST move! Likely sometime in February, 2015…Dailey Fitness will be bringing new life to an old building! We’re transforming 2116 Enterprise Rd, Greensboro NC 27455 into a world-class facility where we will transform lives!  Stay tuned for more details and updates about the BEST that is yet to come!


SHORT WEEK, so plan for it! We will be closed from Thursday-Sunday in honor of Thanksgiving, so you have 3 days to make things happen! Here’s the class lineup-better SIGN UP!

Monday-Total Body Strength & Conditioning

Tuesday- Balanced Body in Motion (Patch anyone?!?!)

Wednesday-Metabolic MAYHEM! (Note the 6am ADDITION to the schedule this week!)

*Tuesday @ 6pm is Flex

**Must have 4 signed up to keep a class on schedule!


We all have so much to be thankful for! You are blessed with a body, mind, & spirit that you can finely tune to function at a higher level to be able to do the things you love. Nourish your human vehicle with good fuel, strengthen it with consistent training, & honor it resetting your mindset to HAPPINESS-which is the joy we feel when we are moving forward towards our full potential.


Never sell yourself short! YOU are amazing!