The “Gluten-Free” PLOY!

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“It only takes 20 years to make an overnight success.” ~Eddie Cantor

It truly takes an INVESTMENT of time and resources to get anywhere worth going! The most successful people in this world will tell you that they didn’t get there by taking the path of least resistance. The best INVESTMENT is an INVESTMENT in yourself! Aren’t you worth it?


The Dailey Gluten Free Advice: “Gluten free” is mainly today a “marketing hook” to convert your sale – note the high carb/sugar content and as well the list of chemicals in many foods labeled gluten-free to leverage a trend few understand. It is not the route to fat loss. Real natural food is. By marketing what a food is absent of, chances are that is to distract you from the crap that IS in it – turn it over and read the ingredients to determine how much non-food ingredients you are being asked to eat, how much sugar, chemicals, sodium etc. Don’t be distracted by advertising lingo and fad words. Although I AM a proponent of avoiding gluten if necessary-do it for the right reasons. If you are eating REAL foods instead of packaged & processed versions…you rarely have to worry that you are consuming it!


Where will you increase your INVESTMENT in yourself today?

Trust me…you ARE worth it!