the “P.O.W.” = FIND A WAY!

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Happy Sunday!

I hope you had a fantastic weekend, and you are getting your mindset RIGHT for a productive week ahead. I’m making my new TOP 5 list for the week, and encourage you to do the same! Let’s PLAN for success together!


The “P.O.W.” (phrase of the week) = FIND A WAY! When it comes down to it, if something is important enough to you…you always can FIND A WAY to make it happen. This week, I encourage you to get more serious than ever about your goals. Visualize how great it will be when you achieve something SO important to you. Sure there will be hard work involved. And obstacles will always litter your path. Expect the obstacles & FIND A WAY around them.


CLASS UPDATE: Who’s coming to functional fitness at 6am? Don’t forget that starting Nov 1 online sign-up for classes will be required for ALL classes. Getting in the habit now will make the transition a lot easier! Most important benefit for signing up online: ACCOUNTABILITY! If you are already signed up-there is a much greater chance you will FIND A WAY to get there!


Your Dailey thought…

“Make your enthusiasm for success stronger than your fear of failure & you will become UNSTOPPABLE”!


Be UNSTOPPABLE this week!