The “P.O.W.” = “WIN THE DAY”!

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Happy Sunday!

Hope you have had a wonderful weekend and you’re getting your mindset RIGHT to attack the week ahead! Set your new TOP 5 list! REST UP tonight. Say one positive thing about yourself OUT LOUD before you go to bed. Reiterate that thought again as soon as you wake in the am….and CRUSH this week in front of you!


Instead of the “W.O.W.” (word of the week)…it’s a “P.O.W.” (PHRASE of the week!) to help you stay focused with your endeavors this week!

“WIN THE DAY”. I just read an article about the new coach, Dave Doeren, for my Wolfpack football team. ( If he hadn’t won me over already with his coaching style, he did with these 3 words that he uses with his coaching…”WIN THE DAY”.  He couldn’t be more RIGHT! Although the BIG win (on game day, with your career goals, in relationships, or even your BHAG-big, hairy, audacious goal) is what we are pushing for, it’s the daily wins (big & small) that really add up & help us get there.  In order to “WIND THE DAY”, you have to “control what you can & put in the hard work”. Pretty simple stuff folks! Whaddya say? I say…let’s “WIN THE DAY” on Monday!


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