The secret to EXCELLENCE?

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“Excellence is the gradual result of always striving to do better.” –Pat Riley

It’s TIME to strive to be 1% BETTER tomorrow than you are right now! What’s one thing you can change that you know will move you closer to your excellence? Start with that one thing…and keep striving with small steps each day!


The Dailey WEIGHT LOSS Tip: Eat what you’ve always eaten, and weigh what you’ve always weighed. It’s proven that you can’t out train a bad diet, so this week I challenge you to really look at the foods you are putting in the hole under your nose. Try to stick to the Warrior “Top 20” list-attached! For one week, ditch ALL processed/package/fast foods & see what happens. Watch your portion sizes and be SURE you are getting a balance of carbs/protein/fat. YES! You need ALL of them to get your metabolism firing, your muscles to recover, and to perform your BEST!


BIG THANKS to Dr. Brad Banker of Greensboro Physical Therapy for an incredibly informative Myofascial Pain workshop on Sat. If you missed it, and want to talk to him about your specific pain/injury to see if he can help you…an email or phone call is always free! He’s generously offered his contact info & taking any/all questions-even if you missed the event! – (336) 274-5006.


You ready to create your BEST week ever?!

Let’s DO IT!