The “W.O.W.” = DIG DEEP!

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Happy Sunday weekend warriors!

 The “W.O.W.” (words of the week)= DIG DEEP! Let these words resonate within you this week any time you find yourself about to give up, or give in to your weaknesses. “DIG DEEP” is a mindset that can take you beyond your comfort zone, into new & often unchartered capacity. When it comes to improving health & fitness, you will inevitably encounter obstacles that seem bigger than you are. There will always be an “easier” alternative, or as I like to say “a path with less resistance”. When things get tough, we have to DIG DEEP within ourselves to push forward. Where do you think you could DIG a little DEEPER to push yourself to perform at a higher level, both in life & sport?


The Dailey Health Tip: Did you know….that calcium from Kale is more bioavailable than calcium from milk?? Just one of the MANY reasons to add Kale to your grocery basket each week!


Your Dailey thought…

“In order to reach greatness, it will not be because of an absence of obstacles, but in spite of them. The Obstacle is the Path!” ~Martin Rooney


Rest up tonight! Tomorrow is the start of a new week filled with opportunity!

Let’s CREATE a great week ahead!