The “W.O.W.” = DOMINATE!!!

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“When the past tries to DOMINATE your thoughts, let your dreams IGNITE your day”! ~Author Unknown


The “W.O.W.” (word of the week) = DOMINATE! By definition, this means to: 1) to have control over or power over (someone or something) 2) to be the most important part of (something) 3) to be much more powerful or successful than others in a game, competition, etc. Now, apply this word to your health & fitness goals, your relationships, your career, anything you wish to excel in…get after it! You know how an Olympian is able to DOMINATE in their sport? They work hard and they dedicate everything they’ve got to being the best at it. If you want bigger results, you need to DOMINATE the little voice inside your head holding you back!


The Dailey RECIPE: “Refrigerator Jam”! I found this recipe on Raw Food Revolution’s Facebook page and must try it! Super easy, natural, & pretty much guilt free!

1 & 1/3 cup fresh strawberries

2/3 cup rhubarb

2 T raw honey (or to taste)

2 T chia seeds

Process all ingredients in blender and refrigerate overnight. The chia seeds will gel thickening the fruit puree. Add additional fruit if you like chunky.


This week’s group training lineup:


Tues- Total Body Strength & Conditioning

Wed- Balanced Body in Motion (left vs right)

Thur- HIIT

Fri-Total Body Strength & Conditioning

Sat- HURRICANE (Trifecta)

*must have 4 people signed up to keep the class

**Tue/Thur 6pm always Functional Flex

***your RSVP counts! SIGN UP!


It’s time to DOMINATE this week!!!