The “W.O.W” is EMPOWER!!!

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Hello Weekend Warriors!

Happy Sunday! I hope you are getting your mindset focused on a new week ahead, and planning for success. The most triumphant wins in life start with a plan. Set a new TOP 5 list, with the 5 most important things you need to accomplish this week to push you to the next level.


The “W.O.W.” is EMPOWER! When individuals & communities increase their strength physically, mentally,  or spiritually…they become EMPOWERED! This week, think of any area of your life in which you wish to grow stronger. EMPOWER yourself to do whatever it takes this week to reach your full potential. EMPOWERMENT starts with the mindset, so choose your thoughts wisely. If you catch yourself falling into the same ‘ole patterns of procrastination & making excuses…remember the“W.O.W.” By simply making good choices, you will feel EMPOWERED to make MORE good choices.


Your Dailey thought…

“When you take full ownership of your failures, you fully empower yourself to successfully get beyond them.” ~Ralph Marston

If you missed a goal last week, month, or even year…OWN it…and move on! There’s a brand new week ahead & unlimited opportunity to EMPOWER yourself to greatness!


Want ONE sure fired way to gain momentum this week? Start it off with a great workout! Tomorrow we have 6am, 9am, & 6pm Functional Fitness at the studio. Come get a main course of motivation with a side order of burned calories! Sign up online, or email me if you are coming!


Choose to be EMPOWERED!!!