The “W.O.W.” is JOURNEY!!!

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It’s Sunday FUNday! (or at least what’s left of it)

I hope you have had a great weekend of RECHARGING, to prepare yourself for an amazing week ahead!


The “W.O.W.” (word of the week) is JOURNEY! The quest of total health is not something you can achieve overnight…it’s a never ending JOURNEY! Compare your JOURNEY to a road trip this week with a final destination. How many stops are you planning to take? What do you need to do to make sure you’re on the right TRACK? How will you prepare for & handle detours & obstacles along the way? Take the time to craft a special JOURNEY and enjoy the people you meet along the way, the challenges that you will overcome, and the feeling of sweet success as you create change!! Set your TOP 5 list for the week and let the JOURNEY begin!


The Dailey HEALTH Tip: ANOTHER REASON TO GO ORGANIC…to SAVE YOUR GI SYSTEM! The body’s ability to chemically break down food particles is very important for digestive function and overall health and vitality. The body uses enzymes, acid and bile to take macronutrients down to their constituent level. This can be referred to as having “digestive fire”, and lack of digestive fire can set the stage for indigestion, gas, bloating, leaky gut and abdominal pain. If you can’t go organic, be sure to thoroughly wash all fruits & veggies before consumption! Your gut will thank you!


Tomorrow is the start to a NEW week! We have 3 Functional Fitness classes: 6am, 9:30am, & 6pm! Which one with YOU be attending??? Sign up online @ or ping me back with an email! Looking forward to helping you CRUSH GOALS!!!


**Head’s up! There is a swim meet starting at 5:30pm @ Sherwood tomorrow (Monday)! There will be NO PARKING by the time you get there for the 6pm class, so plan to park at Page! Plan accordingly!


Your Dailey thought…

“You drown not by falling into a river, but by staying submerged in it.” – Paulo Coelho