The “W.O.W.” = PURPOSE!

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It’s a cold wet day here in the Triad, but a perfect day to PLAN for an amazing week ahead. Write out your TOP 5 list, prepare your meals/snacks for the week, get your mindset RIGHT! The most successful people in this world didn’t get there by chance. The PLANNED for it! A little bit of work up front will lead you to greatness! BE UNSTOPPABLE this week!


The “W.O.W.” = PURPOSE! I’ve been thinking about this word a lot in the last few days. The world sadly lost an iconic man last week. Nelson Mandela was a great man of PURPOSE. He lived each day of his life with PURPOSE. Despite the tremendous obstacles he faced day in & day out…he never lost sight of his PURPOSE, hope, & dream. Of course, the world truly would be a better place if we ALL had such vision & determination…but we don’t have to attempt to change the world in order to have PURPOSE. This week I challenge you to think about the PURPOSE behind your actions- however big or small they may be. From your workouts, nutrition, work, parenting, to community involvement…when you put true PURPOSE behind your action, you attach value. The greater the PURPOSE, the greater the value. How will you allow PURPOSE to fuel your fire to become BETTER this week?


I’m SO excited to announce the Holiday Incentive program kicking off tomorrow at the studio! Who’s ready to get SERIOUS about crushing calories through the rest of the holiday season AND make an IMPACT in our community? Here’s the deal:

  • SHOW UP to your classes or 1-1 sessions, & you will earn a ticket.
  • Show up EARLY to your class or 1-1 session, & you earn a 2nd ticket.
  • Show up to your class or 1-1 session & bring a non-perishable food item & earn 3rd ticket!
  • Attend EXTRA classes or 1-1 training sessions through the end of the year & DOUBLE your tickets per visit!

That’s up to 3 tickets per workout (& double if you come to MORE) that you can earn that will be put in a HUGE Holiday Raffle! The more tickets you have in the raffle, the higher your chances are for winning some great loot! Here’s what you can win if you participate: FREE 1-2-or 3 month upgrade to UNLIMITED classes @ DF, massages, facials, lip & brow waxing, restaurant gift certificates, AND MUCH MORE!!! Drawing will be held on Jan 3…which give you INCENTIVE to stay committed to your workouts through the New Year!


Unless the weather takes a huge turn for the worst, ALL classes & 1-1 training sessions are on schedule for tomorrow! In the event of a cancellation…if you are signed up for your class online you will be notified of the cancellation via email immediately upon cancellation! If you’re not signed up, there is no way for me to know WHO to notify of a change.


Your Dailey thought…

“I am here for a PURPOSE and that PURPOSE is to grow into a mojntain, not shrink into a grain of sand. Henceforth will I apply ALL my efforts to become the highest mountain of all and I will strain my potential until it cries for mercy.” ~Oq Mandino