The “W.O.W.” = TEAM!

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“The bigger the dream, the more important the team”—Robin Sharma


The “W.O.W.” = TEAM! Sipmly defined, a TEAM is a group working together for a common goal. Want to achieve BIGGER goals, be a part of something BIGGER than yourself! One person can make an IMPACT, but a group of people can CHANGE THE WORLD! With health & fitness, career, community, & even personal development…dream BIG and surround yourself with like minded-people…a TEAM…to become unstoppable! Together Everyone Achieves More!


BIG THANKS to everyone that came out to the Funtastic workout on Saturday, and even BIGGER thanks to those that participated in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge! I have a few donations that were collected on Sat, so if you were unable to participate and would still like to donate to the fund, I will be turning in the $ this week. Can’t wait to see how many GROUPS/TEAMS carry on the challenge from here. I posted the video to the Dailey Fitness FB page, and my personal page…so feel free to check it out AND share it! (please disregard my blooper-and calling it the ACLS challenge at one point in the video! Even the coach makes mistakes!)


Studio Update:

Here’s the week’s plan in the studio. Note the addition of 6am on Wed-in lieu of the holiday weekend ahead. Make your plan of attack for the week & put your health at the TOP of your priority list this week! Sign up for the week & make it happen!!!

Monday- Metabolic Circuit (TEAM theme!)

Tuesday-Body In Balance-PATCH

Wednesday- (6am, 9am, & 6pm!) Total Body Strength

Thursday-Metabolic-12 WARRIOR Days! (picture 12 days of Christmas theme!)

Friday- (6am only! No 9am!) DEALER’s Choice with Katie!!!

*NO SAT. Class!!

**Tue/Thur 6pm are always FLEX

***Must have 4 to keep ANY class on the schedule!


Le’ts GO TEAM!