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Happy Sunday FUNday!

It’s time to get your mindset RIGHT for a new week! What do you most want to accomplish with your time & energy this week? Write a TOP 5 list with the 5 most important things you need to do this week to move your needle in the right direction. These goals can be health & fitness related, business, relationship, or even spiritual. Keep this list where you can see it every day (& check it off!). Even better, SHARE it with someone that can help you stay accountable! I’m always here to cheer you on!


The “W.O.W.” (words of the week) = WHATEVER IT TAKES! Let this phrase resonate with you this week as you attack your TOP 5 list. Are your goals important enough to you to do WHATEVER IT TAKES to stay on task to reach them?! I hope so. The most successful people in this world didn’t achieve their greatness by taking the path of least resistance. They worked hard, they stayed determined, & they did WHATEVER IT TOOK to get there. Be hungry for success this week & take it!


CLASS UPDATE: Let’s honor our veterans by investing some good sweat equity at the studio tomorrow! That’s right, 3 classes to choose from @ 6am, 9am, & 6pm! Save your spot by registering online!

I’m SUPER excited to be ADDING a 9:30am Functional Fitness class to the schedule effective this coming Tues! Not only are we adding a new class time, but I am even more stoked to WELCOME a few new recruits that will be joining the classes this week!


Your Dailey Thought…

You don’t become the thing you THINK about all the time. You become the thing you DO all the time.”



Get ready for a game-changing week! It’s GO TIME!